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Check out past campaigns & events run by the Health Promotion team below.

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Triple C Farm Visit

The farm visited campus to help students de-stress. Goats, alpacas, donkeys and more were there for students to interact with.

Sunset & Hot Cocoa Walk

The SWC Peer Educator team hosted a sunset and hot cocoa walk on to help students learn about our active living programming while enjoying hot cocoa and the sunset.

Naloxone Training

Hamilton Public Health and and the Student Wellness Centre offered free training on the signs of overdose, overdose response myths, safe use and how to give the Naloxone. Free Naloxone kits were provided.

Halloween Spook Sacks

The SWC Peer Educators hosted this harm reduction event for Halloween 2023. Each spook sack that was handed out was complete with harm reduction resources, snacks, drinks, and sexual health supplies.

Spooktacular Spirits: Mocktail Event

Residence Life, and the Student Wellness Centre hosted a Halloween themed Spooky Mocktail Night. It was a fang-tastic night of spooky mocktails, candy, prizes, and fun activities while learning about safer substance use!

Welcome Week: Be Kind Campaign Learn More

For Welcome Week 2023 we curated the Be Kind Campaign where we encouraged students to BE KIND to their mind, body, and others!

Pride Month: Movie Night

Celebrated queer joy while we watch Saving Face, a heartwarming film about two women breaking through cultural expectations for love.

Pride Month Social: Guided Painting Session

The gathering featured an artist guided painting session, snacks, games, and the opportunity to connect with other McMaster Students who are also a part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Resilience and Connection: Artistic explorations of mental health

A showcase of student art, brought to you by the Student Wellness Centre, the McMaster Museum of Art, and the Advanced Research on Mental Health and Society (ARMS) initiative, in collaboration with the Canadian Mental Health Association – Hamilton Branch.

Displayed in the lobby of the LR Wilson building during Winter & Spring semesters of 2023. Undergraduate and graduate student poetry, paintings, collages, & digital art were featured.

Black History Month 2023

February is Black History Month (BHM) – a time to celebrate the contributions and achievements of Black and African diasporic peoples. The Student Wellness Centre is excited to announce the following initiatives: Door Decorating with Wellness, Black Excellence Fatigue: A Conversation with Dr. Andrews, and our Pioneers of Black Mental Health display.


Meet A Friend, Make a Valentine

A fun speed-friending evening where participants got to know each other and make valentine’s cards for loved ones.

I'm Ready: HIV Self-Testing

The SWC became a proud to be a pickup location partner for the I’m Ready research program. Learn More Here.

Free Flow x Period Equity Project

Tabling event for students to learn about the Period Equity Project on McMaster’s campus. In partnership with the Okanagan Committee.

Bonus: If they signed up for a free Diva Cup in the Fall semester, they could pick it up at the event!

Thrive Week 2023

An opportunity for students to incorporate well-being activities into their daily routines. The SWC had Triple C Farm visit, had a Hot Chocolate giveaway, and launched our new therapy dog program.

Check out a full list of Thrive Week events & activities here.

Let's Talk About Sex! Sexual Wellness Trivia

Hosted by the SWC, SSC, and Residence, it was a fun learning environment for First Years to learn about sexual health, resources, and win some prizes too!

Biscuit the Therapy Dog

New Wellness Program introduced in Winter 2023. Biscuit and her wonderful therapy partner Rev. Allison Barrett will be visiting the Student Wellness Lounge once a month.

And How Does that Make You Feel?

The “…And How Does That Make You Feel?” initiative was an opportunity for to help make the process of seeking counselling feel more normalized and less intimidating. Students anonymously shared their experiences, expectations, and feelings about counselling.

A Mental Health Wellness Outreach Team Initiative.

Exam Wellness Challenge

A strategy for practicing self-care during exam season. Students sign up for 1 of 3 challenges (Sleep, Social Bonding, or Active Living) and complete a series of activities between December 12-19. Students also receive mental health / self-care reminders over text daily!

This project was led by the SWC’s Work Study Students. 

Exam Care Series

A Social Media campaign addressing the numerous challenges students may face during exam season. Topics included: Self-Compassion, Caffeine Intake, Managing Stress, Substance Use, and Burnout.

A Mental Health Wellness Outreach Team initiative. In collaboration with the Substance Use Outreach Team. 

Meal Prep Series

Social Media campaign outlining 3 components of meal prepping.

  1. Cheap Eats – How to Buy Food in Hamilton like a local
  2. Food Storage
  3. Recipe Inspiration

A Healthy Living Wellness Outreach Team initiative. 

November Cook Along

Students registered to learn cooking skills and make some delicious Ginger Tofu Noodle Soup, all for FREE!

In collaboration with MSU Food Collective Centre. 

Dealing with Burnout

Burnout is a struggle for many, especially university students. The SWC and SSC Academic Skill hosted this event to help students learn more about burnout and strategies to address it.

Trick or Treat Packs

Trick-Or-Treat packs were handed out for Halloween weekend. Each pack was filled with harm reduction information, snacks, water, and sexual health supplies.

A Substance Use HeaWellness Outreach Team initiative. 

Spooky Season Mocktail Night

Archway, Residence Life, and the Student Wellness Centre hosted a Halloween themed Spooky Mocktail Night in the lounge. It was a fang-tastic night of spooky mocktails, candy, prizes, and fun activities while learning about safer substance use!


Fall Harvest Festival Check it out!

The Harvest Festival allowed students to recharge after Reading Week and get ready to take on upcoming mid-terms, tests, assignments and everything else the upcoming months have to offer. Combining a mixture of fall-themed activities, treats and more, the Harvest Festival was an engaging way to learn about services that can support your well-being in university.

In Partnership with the Student Success Centre.

Safe & Sexy

Students answered skill-testing questions to win sexy prizes like: condoms, lube, and more! This was a one day drop in program with over 300 Safe & Sexy bags handed out. Each bag included comprehensive print materials educating students on topics such as contraception, STIs, consent and more.

A Sexual Wellness Outreach Team initiative. 

#TakeCareMac Learn More

#TakeCareMac was the SWC’s 2022 Welcome Week campaign.

Mochi & Mochii

Campus Celebrity Mochii visited the SWC Lounge, and MSU First Year Council handed out delicious mochi snacks! It was a fun afternoon where students could destress during exam season.

Triple C Farm Visit Learn More about Triple C

Students got to hangout with the residents of Triple C Farm, including goats, an alpaca, donkey, and miniature horse! This event was intended to reduce stress during exams.

Triple C Farm is a fully functional animal sanctuary as well as a volunteer program for adults with developmental disabilities.

Exam Wellness Challenge

The SWC Exam Wellness Challenge runs each semester as a way to help students better manage stress and anxiety during exam season. It features 3 wellness based challenges (Sleep Challenge, Nourish Your Body Challenge, & Active Living Challenge), that when completed by registrants, gives them a chance to win a grand prize.

Pride Social

The SWC celebrated Pride in our Student Wellness Lounge. The gathering featured free snacks, a round of Pride themed trivia, and the opportunity to connect with other McMaster students who are also a part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Pop-Up Recess

The SWC hosted a pop-up recess on campus, having participants play four square, ninja, hopscotch, volleyball, frisbee, and other games. Free snacks were also offered. It was a great way to get outside and stay active!

Sex Talk Tuesday Check it out!

A weekly series that aims to answer all of your sexual health questions! Students submit questions for future #SexTalkTuesdays. Answers to questions will be posted on a weekly basis in our stories and in our posts. *All submissions of questions will be kept anonymous*

The Great Trail Guide Check it out!

This campaign featured monthly trails in Hamilton worth exploring; detailing where they were, how to get there, level of difficulty, and more! Submissions from social media followers for best trails were collected, and participants were entered to win a gift card.

An Active Living Wellness Outreach Team initiative. 

Snack Event

Free healthy snacks and food trivia in the SWC Lounge during exams.

A Healthy Living Team Initiative. 


There are LOTS of contraception options out there, and each one works differently. To find the method that will work best for you, it’s important to pick the contraception characteristics that are important to YOU.  The #ShopAround campaign featured social media posts and posters around campus to make students aware of their contraception options.

A Sexual Wellness Outreach Team initiative. 

April Market Extravaganza

Students could register to meet on campus and take the bus together to the Hamilton market. There, they received a $10 gift card that they were able to spend while exploring all that the Hamilton market has to offer.

While at the event, there was also a fun scavenger hunt and those that took part in the hunt had the chance to win a $25 gift card to Hospitality Services.

A Food Literacy Wellness Outreach Team initiative. 

March in March

March in March was a program to created to develop community around movement! Participants registered as a small team or individually (to be added to a team) to work towards getting steps and completing small challenges to get points. The team with the most points won a $25 gift card for Hospitality services for EACH participant on the team!

An Active Living Wellness Outreach Team initiative. 

Thrive Week Learn More

Thrive Week was truly a collaboration for all of the McMaster Community. Hosted by Human Resources Services, Student Wellness Centre, and McMaster Okanagan, with help from the McMaster Students Union and other colleagues, Thrive Week gave everyone at McMaster opportunities to Thrive!

Move the Body, Heal the Mind

A workshop on how exercise can improve your mental health, sleep and focus, will support you in your journey of adding more movement to your day. With guest speaker, Dr Jennifer Heisz, who presented some of the key takeaways from her new book ‘Move the Body, Heal the Mind’.

An Active Living Wellness Outreach Team initiative. 

Counsellor's Corner Learn More

Welcome to Counsellor’s Corner, a series that introduces you to our counsellors and their favourite self care resources!

Free Flow Learn more about the Period Purse

The Student Wellness Centre launched ‘Free Flow’, our first reusable menstrual product giveaway during the 2022 Winter Semester.

Through this campaign, McMaster students had access to various brands and sizing of menstrual cups, period underwear, and washable pads. All items were donated to the SWC by Period Purse.

Find Your Way Back

In celebration of Black History Month the McMaster Museum of Art and the Student Wellness Centre came together to bring Black students at McMaster a mindful and creative collage workshop facilitated by stylo starr – a Hamilton based visual alchemist, creative movement facilitator and curator.

Consisting of mindful breathing exercises, gentle seated stretching and a collage making session where participates were encouraged to create spaces that create a sense of liberation and joy, the workshop offered space for uplifting personal well-being and is a chance to tap into your creative mind.

Indigenous Art & Connection to Land

The Student Wellness Centre and the McMaster Museum of Art  co-hosted the ‘Indigenous Art & Connection to Land’ Program in honour of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, residential school survivors, and those who did not make it home.

Through guided looking and reflective exercises, participants engaged with notions of land as represented in work by Indigenous artists from several nations. Participants were connected with art, histories, and issues directly related to the land in which they live and examined their shared responsibility as outlined in the Dish With One Spoon wampum agreement.

Vaccine Hesitancy FAQ

It can be overwhelming to navigate the large volume of COVID-19 vaccine information online, especially if you are unsure about the safety of the vaccine. If you or those around you are hesitant to get vaccinated, it can help to have accurate information in a centralized place. On this webpage, students could find answers to many common vaccine-related concerns

StepOne Learn More

StepOne was our wellness campaign for Welcome Week 2021. It encourages students, especially those in first year, to prioritize six aspects of wellbeing:

  • Self-care
  • Finding support
  • Community care
  • Staying active
  • Eating well
  • Bedtime basics

Spook Sacks Learn More

Spook Sacks was an event run on campus and associated campaign to promote harm reduction when using substances like alcohol or cannabis.

Pee4Pizza Learn More

Pee4Pizza was a free, confidential STI testing day on campus run annually with Hamilton Public Health and campaign to inform students about STI testing.

Ways to Wellness Learn More

The Ways to Wellness campaign outlined some ways to support your mental health and wellbeing among the chaos of student life. Each person’s experience of mental health is unique. Each person’s journey has its own start, path, and destination, but if there is one thing in common, it is that we can create a campus that is supportive, responsive and connected.

Responsible Drinking & Substance Use Learn More

The Responsible Drinking and Substance Use campaign educated students on various strategies that encourage safe, responsible drinking habits. It is important that students feel empowered to make informed choices about drinking, and be made aware of available resources for substance use-related concerns.

Consent Learn More

The Consent campaign was created to help people identify what consent does and does not look like. It is important that students are knowledgeable in this key area of sexual health, and be made aware of available resources for sexual violence-related concerns.

Welcome Week Strategic Priorities More Info

Welcome Week is an exciting time! To get the most out of your experience, it’s important to prioritize your wellbeing. Learn more about wellness information related to McMaster’s Strategic Priorities.