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Welcome Week and the start of the school year can come with lots of changes. For many students, it can become difficult to manage their academics, wellbeing, and everything in between. The Student Wellness Centre’s #StepOne campaign encourages students to make their wellness a top priority. 

#StepOne aims to help students practice self-care, community care, help-seeking behaviour, healthy eating, active living, and good sleep hygiene. At times, these areas of our life may seem less important than staying on top of our academics; however, prioritizing one’s wellbeing can create a foundation supportive of your academics and other goals.  

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  • Strategies to overcome challenges 

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Self-care Learn More

Self-care includes any steps that we take to tend to our wellbeing, whether that be physical, emotional, or otherwise. The type of self-care each person needs will be different; you can discover what feels right for you. 

Finding emotional support Learn More

Reaching out for support is a skill we are often expected to have even though we are rarely taught it. As such, you shouldn’t feel ashamed if it is something you struggle with. Keep reading to find some places to start.  

Community care Learn More

Each person has goods and skills to offer, and they can also benefit from others’ support. Community care embraces the fact that we need each other. Read more find out ways you can practice community care.

Staying active Learn More

Although there may be challenges to getting started, incorporating movement into your life can be an enriching part of your routine. Read more to discover helpful active living strategies.

Eating well Learn More

A nutrient-rich meal can give your mind and body the energy they need to thrive. Discover how you can nourish your body.

Bedtime basics Learn More

Good sleep hygiene is essential in maintaining or improving your physical and mental health, especially as a student. Find out how you can prioritize your shut eye.