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Sexual Health

Being sexually healthy is about having safer, satisfying, and pleasurable sexual experiences. This can include protecting yourself from STIs, preventing unintended pregnancies, and having healthy relationships.

Talking about safer sex, testing, and STIs can be difficult, but open communication is important for healthy sexuality.

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Wow, same. Real sexy stories from real sexy people.

Read the submissions of your peers for our sexual health initiative “Wow, Same”. The intent of this booklet is to normalize experiences with sex, intimacy, dating and body image!

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Sex Positivity

According to Sexual Health and Reproductive Awareness Week, “Sex positivity embraces sexuality with the view that the only relevant concerns when it comes to a sexual act, practice, or experience are the consent, pleasure, and wellbeing of the people engaged in it or the people affected by it.” It does not place any moral value on different sexualities or sex acts. Many people mistake sex positivity with enthusiasm for sex, being sexually adventurous, or with the belief that sex is always a good thing.

Sex positivity is:
  • Saying yes to the sex you do want and no to the sex you don’t want
  • Accepting others’ choices and respecting everyone’s ability to choose
  • Respecting the right of everyone to make sexual choices that fit with their own personal values
  • Not believing in hierarchies of sexualities and genders
  • Accepting that your thoughts, feelings, and choices around sex are good and natural

Sexual Health Plan

A sexual health plan is an important tool that can help you achieve or maintain sexual health. It involves mapping out what you want or don’t want with regards to sex, as well as how you plan to take care of your sexual health and wellbeing. There is no right or wrong way to create a sexual health plan; it is your own individualized plan that reflects your values and personal circumstances. The Sexual Health and Reproductive Awareness Week website has more information about sexual health plans, including a few questions that can help you start thinking about and creating your own personal sexual health plan.

(Adapted from Sexual Health and Reproductive Awareness Week)


If you are looking for on-campus resources, visit the SWC clinic for free STI testing, or the Student Wellness Lounge (PGCLL 201/210) for free condoms. You can also book an appointment for free pregnancy advice or to discuss pregnancy options.

If you are looking for community resources, see the Sexual Health Clinics in Hamilton web page, which includes their services, locations, and hours. The closest sexual health clinic to McMaster is the Downtown Clinic at the David Braley Health Science Centre (100 Main Street West, 3rd Floor) open Wednesdays from 4:30pm-7pm.