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Meet the SWC

Here are some of the wonderful people at our centre!

What was your favourite activity growing up?

“Definitely my time playing soccer. Being that shy kid with low self-esteem and confidence was tough during my childhood. Yet, soccer provided a road for me to overcome my struggles. As I finally felt what passion truly means through my large goals in the sport, the experience served as an appetizer to tasting the importance of teamwork, trust, and social support. While in that moment, soccer allowed me to feel welcomed and establish new friends, it now represents a greater reminder in my life to how I can do my best to translate that positive social experience to others.”


Jin Byun, Health Promoter





I am a public health professional obsessed with solving complex system problems to improve population and planetary health.  I hold a Master of Public Health degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Geography with a certificate in urban planning from Queen’s University.

With empathy and passion for achieving health equity, I have experience working in public policy, knowledge translation, and community engagement within the non-profits and public sector. My main focus areas are child and youth health, food security and sustainable urban food system.

Outside of work, I love developing recipes and learning about the people, history, and culture of different parts of the world through food. I also love reading, hiking and being overly competitive during weekend tennis matches with friends.


Jack Chen, Health Promoter





Debbie, outdoors, smilingWhat’s the best part about your job?

“I love working in a university. I love working with students. It keeps me young quite honestly, and I really like that. These are young people who are at a critical point in their lives where they are making their transition coming from high school to university or leaving university to go out into the world.  It is such an honour for me and a privilege to work with them and hear their stories and help them navigate some of the challenges they face. For me, it is why I get up everyday.”

Debbie Nifakis, Psychologist and Associate Director of Counselling





Cathy smiling in an office lined with photos and a lush plant.

What inspires you to keep working here?

“The students absolutely inspire me to keep working here! University students are so passionate about everything that matters including how to live life, be yourself, social justice, and creating a better world for all! Their enthusiasm spurs me on to be a better person by learning about critical issues and injustices, and to continue my passion for life-long learning! I even went back to school over this past couple of years to get my MSN. Something I never thought I could do!”

Cathy Jager, Manager, Nursing/Education