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The Benefits of Winter Cycling

Banner reads, "Benefits of winter cycling". Background image depicts a bike parked by a green fence in snowy downtown Hamilton.

As the weather cools and daylight shortens, people tend to put their bikes away for the winter season. Biking in the winter can seem unappealing or dangerous, however, with the right knowledge about safety about how to navigate winter riding, biking in the winter offers many benefits beyond getting you from point A to B. Let’s explore how winter biking […]

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Community Care and COVID-19

A person walking down a snowy road.

What is community care? Community care, which interrelates with “caremongering” and mutual aid, is a long-standing concept that involves two or more people collaborating to help meet each other’s needs. These needs can be basic, e.g., housing, food, healthcare, but they can also be expressive, e.g., holding space for each other.  It is important to […]

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How has alcohol consumption changed during COVID-19?

Bottle of alcohol sitting in an ice bath.

How do you wind down after a long day at work? Your day was most likely exhausting and mentally draining. How about a drink? A glass of brandy? A pint? Or maybe a classic, yet cliché cup of wine to celebrate the temporary liberation from work? For most Canadians, alcohol is seen as one of […]

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