1Day Stand. Panel Discussion on McMaster's introduction of a tobacco and smoke free policy,

1Day Stand

Panel Discussion on McMaster’s introduction of a Tobacco and Smoke Free Policy

November 16th 1:30 – 2:30pm

Join us at Celebration Hall (KTH B116) or livestream on McMaster University’s Facebook page.

McMaster University students will participate in the international 1Day Stand on November 16th, 2017 to both celebrate McMaster’s leadership in being Ontario’s first post-secondary institution to implement a 100% tobacco and smoke free policy as well as stand in solidarity with other Ontario campuses taking action on this day to advocate for the similar healthy campus policies.

This one-day event is intended to continue a conversation that ends in a healthier campus for all. The goal of McMaster’s 1Day Stand event is to increase communication and transparency about the policy with McMaster students.

The event will take the format of a real time FAQ, will feature a panel of policy experts and will provide students with the opportunity to ask questions about the development and implementation of the tobacco and smoke free policy.

The panel will include representatives from McMaster University, Student Wellness Centre, Leave the Pack Behind, City of Hamilton Public Health, and the US Tobacco Free College Campus Initiative.

Cessation services and supports for students will also be promoted and discussed.

Learn more about smoking cessation resources available to students.

Learn more about the Tobacco and Smoke Free Policy.

Leave the Pack Behind
City Of Hamilton Public Health