Stay Well in the SWELL!

The Student Wellness and Education Lower Lounge (SWELL) located in the McMaster University Student Centre basement, Room B118 is open for students. With its funky blue sign and its calm and resourceful interior, students will find the SWELL a place to relax, enjoy a tea, read, pick up wellness resources, study and chat with friends. Come by to ask staff and our Wellness Outreach team about our wellness resources, programs and services.

Programs and Workshops

The SWELL offers various workshops, programs and events through the Student Wellness Centre, Wellness Outreach volunteers and campus partners.

A few things you can find in the SWELL…

Seasonal Affective Disorder Lightbox

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Lightbox

Bright light therapy mimics outdoor light and has been proven effective in reducing symptoms of SAD.

Tips for using the lightbox:

  • More beneficial if used early in the morning
  • Project the lights towards yourself from the side
  • Do not look directly into the light for prolonged periods
  • Position yourself 40 to 80cm away from the light
  • The duration of the therapy should be about 20 minutes
  • Ask your healthcare provider at the Student Wellness Centre if you have questions about whether the lightbox could be helpful to you

Please be mindful if you wish to use the bright light therapy that you do not exceed 20 minutes to ensure others have the same opportunity.

Condoms and lube at the entrance of the SWELL


Condoms are located just inside the door of the SWELL and in case that supply is low, there are more inside on the bookshelf on the other end of the lounge space.

Typically, only external condoms are provided by to us by our suppliers. Learn more about how to make a dental dam from a condom.