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Wellness Skills Programs

The Student Wellness Centre has a wide variety of programs designed to cater to the wellness needs of the student population. Wellness skills programs are weekly groups that consist of 5 to 15 attendees, lead by one or more counsellors.

Check out what programs are running here.

At first, the idea of participating in a larger program might seem intimidating. But wellness skills programs, in which one or more counsellors lead a weekly group of 5 to 15 people, can be very beneficial. In fact, participants are often surprised by how rewarding their experience can be.

In addition to strengthening your relationships skills, reducing isolation and helping you find your voice, these programs are also especially valuable for individuals dealing with depression, social anxiety and life transitions. It is an opportunity to learn and develop skills to manage anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and intense emotions.

Benefits include:
  1. Helping you realize you’re not alone.
  2. Facilitating the giving and receiving of support.
  3. Helping you find your “voice.”
  4. Helping you relate to others (and yourself) in healthier ways.
  5. Providing a safety net.

All SWC groups are free and confidential. Email the facilitator to find out the start date of the program. Some programs are offered more than once in the term, and this is indicated by the number of sessions. You will be expected to fill out an intake form and attend sessions as indicated by the facilitator. Wellness skills programs often have recommended readings or between sessions activities. Any questions can be directed to the facilitator. Repeat attendance is welcomed!