Besides the counselling and health services, and wellness education resources available at the Student Wellness Centre, you can also find assistance from other services right here on campus:

Support Services

Chaplaincy Centre

MUSC 231 Ext. 24207
Pastoral support with personal counselling and bereavement support groups.

Student Accessibility Services

MUSC B107 Ext. 28652
disability services, Assistive Technology support

Student Success Centre

GH110 Ext. 24254
academic skills assistance, job search, volunteering

Sexual Violence Response Coordinator

MUSC 212 Ext. 20909

If you’re not sure what to do or where to turn, a good starting point is talking with the Sexual Violence Response Coordinator. You can talk with her about what happened to you. She’ll listen and, when you’re ready, she’ll also give you information about what your options are, how you can find more support and what next steps you might consider taking.

Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

GH 120 Ext. 24319
emergency funding, government funds, work programs

Indigenous Student Services

LR Wilson Hall 1010
academic & social counselling, employment aid

International Student Services

GH 104 Ext. 24748
advising services for international students and exchange students

Mac Bread Bin

(MSU Service) MUSC 201

Mac Bread Bin is a service run by students dedicated to cultivating stronger food systems in the McMaster and surrounding community. Mac Bread Bin provides  support resources that are available for everyone: Students, Alumni, Staff, and Hamilton Community Partners to access such as the Good Food Box, Lockers of Love and a Food Collection Centre.

SWHAT – Walk Safe Program

(MSU Service) Ext. 27500
The Student Walk Home Attendant Team (SWHAT) is a volunteer service within the McMaster Students Union that will walk or bus with students during the evening hours 7 days a week. No matter the weather, our walkers can walk with you to your destination while providing safety and company (we also have umbrellas to help keep you dry!).

Equity and Inclusion Office

MUSC 212 Ext. 27581
consultation & support re: harassment and discrimination

Student Support and Case Management

GH 207 Ext. 23845
student rights & responsibilities

Ombuds Office

MUSC 210 Ext. 24151M
advice for students, staff & faculty regarding academic and non-academic concerns

Open Circles

Student Open Circles mentors and empowers students from diverse backgrounds in personal and spiritual reflection, community service, and leadership development

Additional Counselling and Crisis Support

Undergraduate Student Assistance Plan

Empower Me – Graduate Mental Health Resource


MSU Peer Support Services

MSU QSCC Queer Students Community Centre

The QSCC acts as a contact point for McMaster students that may identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, or queer, and their allies. They offer educational programming and access to resources of interest to the LGBTQ community. The QSCC has a safe(r) space located in 221, and hosts volunteers trained in peer supports (available by appointment).

MSU Maccess

Maccess is a service that aims to build and maintain a campus that celebrates, advocates, and ensures inclusivity in the area of disability. A central aspect to Maccess is the provision of peer support by trained volunteers with lived experiences with disability such as chronic illness, mental illness, mental health concerns, neurodivergence, and additional identities.

MSU SHEC Student Health Education Centre

SHEC is a peer-run health promotion, education, and referral service for McMaster University students. SHEC focuses on engaging with students about health-related issues through performances, peer support, fundraisers, and events. The service offers peer support, anonymous and confidential pregnancy testing, a resource library, condoms, lubricant, and menstrual products. SHEC’s space is located in MUSC 202.

MSU WGEN Women + Gender Equity Network

WGEN is a service that caters to women, transfolk, people who identify outside the gender binary, and all survivors of sexual assault. WGEN provides a safe(r) space and resource library on campus in MUSC 204. Volunteers in the space offer peer support and the service also runs a support group for survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence.

Emergency Services

MSU EFRT Emergency First Response Team

Contact: 905-522-4135

The McMaster Students Union Emergency First Response Team (EFRT) is a group of approximately 30 student volunteers who provide emergency medical services to the McMaster Campus, with an average response time of 2-3 minutes.  If the EFRT is called, a team of three responders carrying various medical equipment will be dispatched to your location through Campus Security. The EFRT office is located in MUSC 103.

McMaster University Security Services

Contact: 905-522-4135

Security works to develop a safe and secure environment on campus through the protection of persons and property within the McMaster community. They can be contacted to report a crime that occurred on campus, for intervention re: violations of the university’s anti-discrimination and harassment policies, and for emergency medical assistance.