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Understanding & Managing Social Anxiety

In a small group setting, participants will learn to define social anxiety and talk more effectively about it with others. Using CBT and narrative therapy skills, participants will learn practical ways to cope with the socially anxious thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. For more information or to register, email Morgan Lucas (M.Ed, RP) at […]

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MacPeers is a cross-faculty peer mentorship program in association with the Student Wellness Centre.  Successful upper-year students use their insight to help younger students flourish at Mac.  You will interact one-on-one with students to provide information and support – an excellent opportunity to gain leadership and interpersonal skills. The goal of a MacPeer is to […]

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You Belong in the Room

You Belong In The Room

Why do feelings of inadequacy follow me? Let’s explore the imposter syndrome phenomenon from a unique Black perspective that is internalized through structural anti-Blackness. In this 5-week group session, Black students will reflect on lived experiences to identify, understand feelings of impostering and learn its impact with mental distress. We will discuss what’s harming your […]

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SMART Recovery — Addiction Support

SMART Recovery - support group for addiction

At meetings, participants help one another resolve problems with any addiction (to drugs or alcohol or to activities such as gambling, over-eating, video gaming, etc). Participants find and develop the power within themselves to change and lead fulfilling and balanced lives guided by SMART Recovery’s science-based and sensible 4-Point Program Despite the SMART Recovery Program being abstinence-based, people are welcome […]

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Mindfulness Approach to Food and Eating

Mindfulness Approach To Food & Eating

This group will us a mindfulness and acceptance approach to address issues surrounding food and eating. The group will provide support with daily struggles related to food, eating and body image. Please send an e-mail to for more information or to register. […]

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Love Better – A Healthy Relationships Group

Love Better

In this 5-week group, participants will learn to identify the differences between healthy and unhealthy romantic relationships. Group topics will cover the following: the qualities of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, red flags to watch for in dating relationships, attributes to look for when choosing a partner, how to make relationships last, and the importance of […]

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Exploring the Procrastinating Mind

A sign with the words "now" and "later" with "later" crossed out

Did you know that procrastination has neurobiological roots? This 5-week group is structured to review skills and strategies to increase efficiency and focus when completing tasks. Additionally, this group will explore how to create and maintain new habits. This group will run on Tuesdays from 10:30PM – 12:30PM during the weeks of October 19 to […]

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Fostering Self-Compassion and Mindfulness

A 5-week online psycho-educational group which explores self-compassion, self-love, and mindfulness. The sessions will focus on defining self-compassion, techniques to challenge the ‘inner critic’, and strategies to foster self-compassion and mindfulness. To register, contact Simone Gomes ( […]

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McMaster Pen Pals Round 2!

McMaster Pen pals, bringing back an old way of meeting new people

Registration for Fall 2021 Round 2 of Pen Pals open now! The McMaster Pen Pals program is an initiative to help connect McMaster students who would like to meet new friends virtually (at first!). At the beginning of the Fall term, we ran our first round of Pen Pals and we’re so happy to say […]

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LivingWorks Start

LivingWorks Start teaches valuable skills to everyone 13 and older and requires no formal training or prior experience in suicide prevention. When you sign up for LivingWorks Start training, you’ll learn a powerful four-step model to keep someone safe from suicide, and you’ll have a chance to practice it with impactful simulations. Safety resources and […]

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