Youth Wellness Centre

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton provides a Mobile Team of Mental Health Professionals for students at McMaster. The team serves post-secondary students, ages 17 to 25, in any year of study, who are experiencing issues with mental wellness or substance use. The team member will meet privately with a student to determine a plan for meeting the goals of the student.

How to connect with the YWC Mobile Team

  • Kyle can connect you with the following team members for personal care. 905-870-4785 or
  • The YWC Mobile Team meets students on McMaster campus at the Student Wellness Centre, MUSC B101/B118

Substance Use Counsellor from Alternatives for Youth

Laura (RSW) will meet to discuss any issues regarding any substances.

Peer Supporter/Youth Mentor

Kyle has lived experience with mental health issues and will provide individual support.

Family Educator

The Family Educator will provide education and counselling for support people in a student’s life: family members, partners, friends, roommates.

LGBTQ Concurrent Disorders Mobile Worker

David provides supportive counseling, advocacy, and system navigation for LGBTQ youth, questioning youth and our allied community members. David creates an environment to explore topics around sexual and gender identity, as well as substance use and mental health concerns.

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