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How to Address Conflict Between You and Your Housemates 

Housemates working on homework

Instead of being at work, on campus, or out with friends, most of us are now spending our time at home and in the virtual world. Navigating this new normal can be difficult and confusing, especially as living with others takes on a whole new dimension; our routines have changed drastically, including how we interact […]

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Why you need a Flu Shot during the COVID-19 pandemic

The prevalence of COVID-19 in our communities makes it imperative that you get a flu shot this year. We hope this article will clarify how vaccines work, how the flu vaccine relates to COVID-19, and why it’s absolutely necessary that you get your flu shot this year.   How do vaccines work?  Individuals  Vaccines train your immune system to recognize […]

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Wealth is health: The Reality of Food Insecurity in Canada

The mantra, “Health is Wealth,” expresses the commonly held ideology that investing in health returns the ultimate wealth; longevity. This phrase proposes that finances have little do with health and wellness and that eating unhealthily is vindicated on a conscious choice to do so. Many voices within the wellness community offer simple tips to eating […]

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Managing your anxiety surrounding COVID-19; preparation and prevention without panic

Anxiety and fear surrounding COVID-19 is a common issue during a time of rapidly changing circumstances, closures and information overload. Here are few things to consider during this time to help understand that those are normal feelings to have and helpful tips to manage some of the unhelpful feelings that you could be experiencing. Get […]

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Financial Wellness

A pink piggy bank has three US 10-dollar bills sticking out of it. A brown hand holding a US 1-dollar bill reaches toward it.

Financial literacy is a problem on post-secondary campuses. The unfortunate reality is that this statement is not repeated nearly enough across universities or within our levels of government. Yet the statistics speak for themselves. A 2016 National College Health Assessment by the College Health Association showed 34.3% of student respondents admitted that finances had been […]

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Academic Accommodations for Students with Mental Health Disabilities

A 2-D, overhead view of a cartoon brain appears on a beige background. Inside the brain, there are symbols for various objects (including molecules, glasses, a book, puzzle pieces, a laptop, and more)

The impact of mental health and other disability related concerns can affect many aspects of a student’s academic performance including attendance at class, studying, preparing and completing assignments, papers and labs, participating in group work, reading texts, and so forth. Students with disabilities are encouraged to consult with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) on their difficulties, […]

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Indigenous Cultural Connectedness and Campus Life

medicine wheel

What does wellbeing really mean? Over the course of Canada’s history, colonization, assimilation, and genocidal practices have been used by governmental sectors to eliminate Indigenous peoples and their ways of being. However, Indigenous peoples have persevered and are now working with one another and their allied services to revitalize their culture and improve health outcomes. […]

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