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7 Benefits of Spending Time in Nature


With courses in full swing, it is easy to get stuck indoors staring at your laptop.  But remember, Autumn isn’t just about midterms and pumpkin spice lattes – it is also the perfect time to embrace the crisp, cool air and appreciate the colourful foliage by getting outside!  Research indicates that time spent in nature […]

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A Beginners Guide to Meal Prep

Three glass lock containers containing the same meal of brown rice, corn, cucumber slices, black olives, cherry tomatoes, green onion, and lentils.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “meal prep”? Chances are you are thinking about bland meals like chicken and rice or committing hours to prepare a week’s worth of meals. Despite the assumptions we may have about meal prepping, this practice can largely benefit students who may live on smaller budgets or are […]

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Read your way to Wellness 

A book opened on a table with a dog, balloon, and lamp post on it.

In an era where people often read in segments of 140 characters, we may fail to realize the losses we experience by not diving into longer forms of reading.  Social media, video games, and video watching all have benefits when we use them in moderation. However, prioritizing reading over other leisure activities has a few […]

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How to Address Conflict Between You and Your Housemates 

Housemates working on homework

Instead of being at work, on campus, or out with friends, most of us are now spending our time at home and in the virtual world. Navigating this new normal can be difficult and confusing, especially as living with others takes on a whole new dimension; our routines have changed drastically, including how we interact […]

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Understanding social distancing and the importance of social connection

To slow the spread of COVID-19, the main recommendation from government and health officials for the immediate future is “social distancing.”   For individuals with mental health concerns who have a tendency to socially isolate themselves already, it’s important to understand that social distancing doesn’t mean to cut yourself off from connection. Rather, physically distancing […]

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What First Year University Made Me Realize


My name is Jessica Monaghan and I am a student in an undergraduate science program at McMaster. First year university for many is a challenging adjustment period, and it was no different for me. Many times, it felt as though things would just keep getting worse no matter what I tried. I felt like there […]

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Homesickness ≠ Missing Home


You settle into your university dorm room. The excitement of breaking out of your old, programmed life begins to sink in. Shortly after, you’re bombarded with new tasks, people, and stressors. You lose your ‘normal,’ and you begin to feel homesick. The main reason people experience homesickness is not that they’re alone or miss “home.” […]

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Did You Know… McMaster Wellness Edition


The National College Health Assessment (NCHA) survey will be sent out to a randomized sample of McMaster students on January 24th. It includes questions on a wide range of topics, including alcohol use, sexual health, and mental health. The data collected from the survey helps to identify the wellness needs of the student population, as […]

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Nature’s Best

Nature's Best

Your university life may be afflicted with constant bouts of exhaustion, poor sleep, anxiety and stress. You brush these off, deeming them as inevitable and temporary side-effects of your busy lifestyle. As the semester carries on, you notice the effects becoming more prominent and settling deeper by the day. A health-care professional may not seem […]

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Tune in: We’re Going Unplugged!

Graphic with a grey background that reads "SWELL Unplugged" on the left. On the right, there is a red octopus holding a laptop, phone, and tablet, all with brightly lit screens.

It’s Friday night and you have successfully made it through another busy week of textbook readings, midterms and assignments. You’re excited to finally have a night out. Surrounded by good music and your close friends, you pull out your phone to capture some moments of your night. Amidst all the selfie-taking, the attention of the […]

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