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5 Reminders for Reconnecting In-Person

Two friends chatting while swinging on a swingset

Are you nervous to see others in-person again?  You’re not alone.  We may not be at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are starting to gain opportunities for in-person connection once again. Although this is great news, for many, this transition is often accompanied by the fear that we’ve forgotten how to function properly in a social setting.  You might be struggling with how to rekindle friendships that have been […]

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How to Address Conflict Between You and Your Housemates 

Housemates working on homework

Instead of being at work, on campus, or out with friends, most of us are now spending our time at home and in the virtual world. Navigating this new normal can be difficult and confusing, especially as living with others takes on a whole new dimension; our routines have changed drastically, including how we interact […]

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COVID-19: Creating a culture of compassion & accountability

The pandemic begins  Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been bombarded with information and changes. The virus is highly communicable; the disease has long-term implications. We’re physically distancing and our public environments have changed dramatically, creating an overall sense of dystopia. As these changes have unfolded around us, our fears (of being infected and […]

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Supporting a Friend


Financial Matters Is your friend struggling with managing their budget and financial costs? Suggest applying for financial aid at school (OSAP, bursaries or in-course awards). If your friend is looking to make money, suggest finding a job through OSCARplus or for jobs on and nearby to campus. The work-study program McWork is also available […]

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