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A Beginner’s Guide to Cycling

Cycling guide

As you continue to navigate your way through the ups and downs of university life, taking steps towards living an active life becomes increasingly important. Active living doesn’t just mean going to the gym regularly, it means finding ways to incorporate physical activity into your everyday routine and includes a number of activities, such as […]

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Nature’s Best

Nature's Best

Your university life may be afflicted with constant bouts of exhaustion, poor sleep, anxiety and stress. You brush these off, deeming them as inevitable and temporary side-effects of your busy lifestyle. As the semester carries on, you notice the effects becoming more prominent and settling deeper by the day. A health-care professional may not seem […]

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Mindful Eating on Campus: A Perspective on Balance

Photo of a glass head on a blue background. The head's "brain" is made up of different foods.

Being mindful is usually associated with meditation and wellbeing, but recent advances in the areas of mindfulness have applied it to other aspects of life, such as physical health. Did you know that applying mindfulness techniques to diet and exercise can better your physical health? According to Registered Dietitian Liana Bontempo from McMaster’s Hospitality Services, mindful eating […]

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Mother Nature to the Rescue: The Impact of Nature on Health and Well-Being

Image of a waterfall

For some, they thrive under the busy and fast-paced atmosphere of the city. But for others, it’s the small town-feel that allows them to flourish. In whichever setting you prefer, it is important to recognize the impact of nature on health. Even though Hamilton is considered a relatively urban community, it still has many green […]

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Top Tips for Students (and Friends of Students) with Severe Allergic Reaction

close-up image of almonds with skin intact

An EpiPen is an epinephrine auto-injector used to treat a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is potentially fatal, and is considered a “treat first, then call for help” medical emergency. A single dose of epinephrine, properly administered, is extremely low risk and if given properly can save the person’s life! 1) Keep your EpiPen […]

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Indigenous Cultural Connectedness and Campus Life

medicine wheel

What does wellbeing really mean? Over the course of Canada’s history, colonization, assimilation, and genocidal practices have been used by governmental sectors to eliminate Indigenous peoples and their ways of being. However, Indigenous peoples have persevered and are now working with one another and their allied services to revitalize their culture and improve health outcomes. […]

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Wired & Tired – Why you should power down while you power up

using phone

POWER DOWN TO POWER UP!   We know that sleep is an important part of success. According to the 2013 National College Health Assessment (NCHA) survey completed at McMaster, 27% of students say that sleep has affected their academic performance. However, many of us are putting a good night’s rest in jeopardy for our electronic […]

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