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Caffeine – How much is too much?

coffee cups

Chances are, we’ve all had some caffeine or been somewhere where it’s available within the last day. For a substance so widely used, it’s important to understand its effects on our body and just how much is too much. Caffeine might be the one thing that gets you through a day of lectures and meetings, but how can we ensure we’re not over-caffeinating ourselves and consuming it safely?     Caffeine Effects   Besides keeping you awake, caffeine has a variety […]

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7 Benefits of Spending Time in Nature


With courses in full swing, it is easy to get stuck indoors staring at your laptop.  But remember, Autumn isn’t just about midterms and pumpkin spice lattes – it is also the perfect time to embrace the crisp, cool air and appreciate the colourful foliage by getting outside!  Research indicates that time spent in nature […]

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A Beginners Guide to Meal Prep

Three glass lock containers containing the same meal of brown rice, corn, cucumber slices, black olives, cherry tomatoes, green onion, and lentils.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “meal prep”? Chances are you are thinking about bland meals like chicken and rice or committing hours to prepare a week’s worth of meals. Despite the assumptions we may have about meal prepping, this practice can largely benefit students who may live on smaller budgets or are […]

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Melatonin for Sleep: Myths and Evidence

Person in white dress lying on a mossy rock with lush green trees all around them.

Research shows that about 60% of postsecondary students experience poor sleep quality. This can have adverse effects, such as daytime sleepiness, impaired academic performance, worsened mood, and more. In order to fall and stay asleep, some students turn to over-the-counter melatonin. When people see that melatonin is classified as a “natural” product, they might think […]

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The Benefits of Winter Cycling

Banner reads, "Benefits of winter cycling". Background image depicts a bike parked by a green fence in snowy downtown Hamilton.

As the weather cools and daylight shortens, people tend to put their bikes away for the winter season. Biking in the winter can seem unappealing or dangerous, however, with the right knowledge about safety about how to navigate winter riding, biking in the winter offers many benefits beyond getting you from point A to B. Let’s explore how winter biking […]

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How has alcohol consumption changed during COVID-19?

Bottle of alcohol sitting in an ice bath.

How do you wind down after a long day at work? Your day was most likely exhausting and mentally draining. How about a drink? A glass of brandy? A pint? Or maybe a classic, yet cliché cup of wine to celebrate the temporary liberation from work? For most Canadians, alcohol is seen as one of […]

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COVID-19: Creating a culture of compassion & accountability

The pandemic begins  Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been bombarded with information and changes. The virus is highly communicable; the disease has long-term implications. We’re physically distancing and our public environments have changed dramatically, creating an overall sense of dystopia. As these changes have unfolded around us, our fears (of being infected and […]

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