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7 Benefits of Spending Time in Nature


With courses in full swing, it is easy to get stuck indoors staring at your laptop.  But remember, Autumn isn’t just about midterms and pumpkin spice lattes – it is also the perfect time to embrace the crisp, cool air and appreciate the colourful foliage by getting outside!  Research indicates that time spent in nature […]

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The Benefits of Winter Cycling

Banner reads, "Benefits of winter cycling". Background image depicts a bike parked by a green fence in snowy downtown Hamilton.

As the weather cools and daylight shortens, people tend to put their bikes away for the winter season. Biking in the winter can seem unappealing or dangerous, however, with the right knowledge about safety about how to navigate winter riding, biking in the winter offers many benefits beyond getting you from point A to B. Let’s explore how winter biking […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cycling

Cycling guide

As you continue to navigate your way through the ups and downs of university life, taking steps towards living an active life becomes increasingly important. Active living doesn’t just mean going to the gym regularly, it means finding ways to incorporate physical activity into your everyday routine and includes a number of activities, such as […]

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Mother Nature to the Rescue: The Impact of Nature on Health and Well-Being

Image of a waterfall

For some, they thrive under the busy and fast-paced atmosphere of the city. But for others, it’s the small town-feel that allows them to flourish. In whichever setting you prefer, it is important to recognize the impact of nature on health. Even though Hamilton is considered a relatively urban community, it still has many green […]

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Smartphones…the next step to better health?


As university students, the academic term can become quite overwhelming. In the midst of balancing quizzes, midterms, presentations and assignments, it is easy to neglect other aspects of your life. For many, this usually involves sacrificing a good, balanced diet and regular exercise. Often, it is simply a matter of not knowing where to begin, […]

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Moving to Help Your Mood!


We constantly hear about how exercise is good for your heart, your body and your general health; however, there are also all kinds of not-strictly physical benefits to moving around on a regular basis! It’s good for your brain, it can clear your mind, reduce tension and increase energy. It can reduce symptoms of depression […]

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