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7 Benefits of Spending Time in Nature


With courses in full swing, it is easy to get stuck indoors staring at your laptop.  But remember, Autumn isn’t just about midterms and pumpkin spice lattes – it is also the perfect time to embrace the crisp, cool air and appreciate the colourful foliage by getting outside!  Research indicates that time spent in nature […]

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Read your way to Wellness 

A book opened on a table with a dog, balloon, and lamp post on it.

In an era where people often read in segments of 140 characters, we may fail to realize the losses we experience by not diving into longer forms of reading.  Social media, video games, and video watching all have benefits when we use them in moderation. However, prioritizing reading over other leisure activities has a few […]

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Mindful Eating on Campus: A Perspective on Balance

Photo of a glass head on a blue background. The head's "brain" is made up of different foods.

Being mindful is usually associated with meditation and wellbeing, but recent advances in the areas of mindfulness have applied it to other aspects of life, such as physical health. Did you know that applying mindfulness techniques to diet and exercise can better your physical health? According to Registered Dietitian Liana Bontempo from McMaster’s Hospitality Services, mindful eating […]

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Tune in: We’re Going Unplugged!

Graphic with a grey background that reads "SWELL Unplugged" on the left. On the right, there is a red octopus holding a laptop, phone, and tablet, all with brightly lit screens.

It’s Friday night and you have successfully made it through another busy week of textbook readings, midterms and assignments. You’re excited to finally have a night out. Surrounded by good music and your close friends, you pull out your phone to capture some moments of your night. Amidst all the selfie-taking, the attention of the […]

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Ways to Wellness: Find Your Way

Ways to Wellness

Fall 2017 brings a new school year with the renewal of concerns about stress among students. From navigating classes to keeping up with your social life, things can easily get overwhelming. Whether you’re in your first or final year, mental wellness is important but can be difficult to prioritize. Everyone’s experience of mental health is […]

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Meditate to satiate your mind… Meditation? Really?


WHAT IS MEDITATION? Meditation is more than just sitting down crossed-legged with your eyes closed. It is about being aware of the sensations within you and around you. It is a simple, yet potentially life-transforming skill that can help you to relax and enhance your knowledge about yourself.   IS THERE MORE THAN ONE WAY […]

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