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What First Year University Made Me Realize


My name is Jessica Monaghan and I am a student in an undergraduate science program at McMaster. First year university for many is a challenging adjustment period, and it was no different for me. Many times, it felt as though things would just keep getting worse no matter what I tried. I felt like there […]

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Homesickness ≠ Missing Home


You settle into your university dorm room. The excitement of breaking out of your old, programmed life begins to sink in. Shortly after, you’re bombarded with new tasks, people, and stressors. You lose your ‘normal,’ and you begin to feel homesick. The main reason people experience homesickness is not that they’re alone or miss “home.” […]

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Is Mac Well? – NCHA 2019 Survey Results


The National College Health Assessment (NCHA) was completed by a randomized sample of McMaster students, to gain a snapshot of the student population health status. From 1087 respondents, information about health behaviours, health indicators and student experience, were collected. The findings will be used to better understand the needs of the student population, to inform […]

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Did You Know… McMaster Wellness Edition


The National College Health Assessment (NCHA) survey will be sent out to a randomized sample of McMaster students on January 24th. It includes questions on a wide range of topics, including alcohol use, sexual health, and mental health. The data collected from the survey helps to identify the wellness needs of the student population, as […]

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Nature’s Best

Nature's Best

Your university life may be afflicted with constant bouts of exhaustion, poor sleep, anxiety and stress. You brush these off, deeming them as inevitable and temporary side-effects of your busy lifestyle. As the semester carries on, you notice the effects becoming more prominent and settling deeper by the day. A health-care professional may not seem […]

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Binge Eating Disorders: The Pervasiveness of Eating Disorders Among University Students


The transition from highschool to university can be very difficult and in some cases affect one’s eating habits. University students are alarmingly vulnerable to eating disorders, many of which are prone to a binge eating disorder (BED). BEDs are characterized as a life-threatening eating disorder of compulsively eating a high intake of calories or abnormal […]

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Resilience: A Work in Progress

hand tending to many seedlings

As we move through life we will be met with challenges in various forms, and we may experience some of these challenges while in university. The ability to overcome challenges and thrive during difficult times is called resilience. Personal characteristics such as hope, optimism, self-compassion, the ability to problem solve, and the ability to build […]

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Mental Health Help: What are Your Options?

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Despite having the highest prevalence of mental illness, people aged 16-24 are cited as being reluctant to seek help. For some, this stems from the desire to be self-reliant; others are concerned about inconvenience or don’t know where to go (Gulliver et al., 2010). Even without a mental illness, the university experience can be a stressful one. Between […]

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