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Community Care and COVID-19

A person walking down a snowy road.

What is community care? Community care, which interrelates with “caremongering” and mutual aid, is a long-standing concept that involves two or more people collaborating to help meet each other’s needs. These needs can be basic, e.g., housing, food, healthcare, but they can also be expressive, e.g., holding space for each other.  It is important to […]

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How has alcohol consumption changed during COVID-19?

Bottle of alcohol sitting in an ice bath.

How do you wind down after a long day at work? Your day was most likely exhausting and mentally draining. How about a drink? A glass of brandy? A pint? Or maybe a classic, yet cliché cup of wine to celebrate the temporary liberation from work? For most Canadians, alcohol is seen as one of […]

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Exploring the Harms and Concerns of Study Drugs

Students spend a lot of time doing coursework and trying to manage time, and it is important to remember that it is normal to experience challenges. Some students turn to what’s often referred to as “study drugs” to stay focused for an extended period of time, however the name “study drugs” is misleading. Study drugs […]

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COVID-19: Creating a culture of compassion & accountability

The pandemic begins  Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been bombarded with information and changes. The virus is highly communicable; the disease has long-term implications. We’re physically distancing and our public environments have changed dramatically, creating an overall sense of dystopia. As these changes have unfolded around us, our fears (of being infected and […]

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COVID-19: Best Practices and Resources


The COVID-19 pandemic has McMaster University students adapting to a virtual learning environment. Beyond having classes online, the pandemic has created unprecedented changes in everyone’s lifestyle. The Student Wellness Centre is committed to keeping students informed to ensure the health and safety of our community. We hope this article helps you understand COVID-19, learn about […]

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Understanding social distancing and the importance of social connection

To slow the spread of COVID-19, the main recommendation from government and health officials for the immediate future is “social distancing.”   For individuals with mental health concerns who have a tendency to socially isolate themselves already, it’s important to understand that social distancing doesn’t mean to cut yourself off from connection. Rather, physically distancing […]

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What First Year University Made Me Realize


My name is Jessica Monaghan and I am a student in an undergraduate science program at McMaster. First year university for many is a challenging adjustment period, and it was no different for me. Many times, it felt as though things would just keep getting worse no matter what I tried. I felt like there […]

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Homesickness ≠ Missing Home


You settle into your university dorm room. The excitement of breaking out of your old, programmed life begins to sink in. Shortly after, you’re bombarded with new tasks, people, and stressors. You lose your ‘normal,’ and you begin to feel homesick. The main reason people experience homesickness is not that they’re alone or miss “home.” […]

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