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Caffeine – How much is too much?

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Chances are, we’ve all had some caffeine or been somewhere where it’s available within the last day. For a substance so widely used, it’s important to understand its effects on our body and just how much is too much. Caffeine might be the one thing that gets you through a day of lectures and meetings, but how can we ensure we’re not over-caffeinating ourselves and consuming it safely?     Caffeine Effects   Besides keeping you awake, caffeine has a variety […]

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Melatonin for Sleep: Myths and Evidence

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Research shows that about 60% of postsecondary students experience poor sleep quality. This can have adverse effects, such as daytime sleepiness, impaired academic performance, worsened mood, and more. In order to fall and stay asleep, some students turn to over-the-counter melatonin. When people see that melatonin is classified as a “natural” product, they might think […]

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How has alcohol consumption changed during COVID-19?

Bottle of alcohol sitting in an ice bath.

How do you wind down after a long day at work? Your day was most likely exhausting and mentally draining. How about a drink? A glass of brandy? A pint? Or maybe a classic, yet cliché cup of wine to celebrate the temporary liberation from work? For most Canadians, alcohol is seen as one of […]

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Exploring the Harms and Concerns of Study Drugs

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Students spend a lot of time doing coursework and trying to manage time, and it is important to remember that it is normal to experience challenges. Some students turn to what’s often referred to as “study drugs” to stay focused for an extended period of time, however the name “study drugs” is misleading. Study drugs […]

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Escape the Vape

Escape the Vape

The emergence of fruit and menthol flavoured vapes have gotten users and their devices attached at the hip. If you’ve ever experimented with e-cigarettes, been asked to hit the vape or caught a glimpse of recent headlines, you have likely heard about the growing vape epidemic and its susceptibility towards youth. E-cigarettes (a.k.a. vapes) are […]

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Harm Reduction & Us


What is Harm Reduction Harm reduction does not enforce the abstinence of drugs, rather it takes a pragmatic approach to drug use by recognizing socio-ecological influences. There is not one single perspective to harm reduction, rather principles of harm reduction focus on the well-being of communities. The prioritization of harm reduction is to keep people […]

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Is Mac Well? – NCHA 2019 Survey Results


The National College Health Assessment (NCHA) was completed by a randomized sample of McMaster students, to gain a snapshot of the student population health status. From 1087 respondents, information about health behaviours, health indicators and student experience, were collected. The findings will be used to better understand the needs of the student population, to inform […]

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Did You Know… McMaster Wellness Edition


The National College Health Assessment (NCHA) survey will be sent out to a randomized sample of McMaster students on January 24th. It includes questions on a wide range of topics, including alcohol use, sexual health, and mental health. The data collected from the survey helps to identify the wellness needs of the student population, as […]

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Cannabis and You

Male casually smoking a joint

With the advent of cannabis being legalized, there are bound to be new users. Unlike alcohol, there are no widely circulated guidelines for students to follow. For most users, safe usage is defined by those who introduce them to the substance. Unfortunately, those passing on their knowledge may also pass on their misconceptions. If you […]

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Smoking Cessation: Leave the Pack Behind

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“I only smoke at parties or when hanging out with friends” “I only smoke on the weekends” “I don’t smoke, I only do hookah because it’s healthier” Do any of the above sound familiar? Did you know that many young adults who are smokers initially started off as identifying themselves as “social smokers”. Social smokers […]

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