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COVID-19: Creating a culture of compassion & accountability

The pandemic begins  Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been bombarded with information and changes. The virus is highly communicable; the disease has long-term implications. We’re physically distancing and our public environments have changed dramatically, creating an overall sense of dystopia. As these changes have unfolded around us, our fears (of being infected and […]

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COVID-19: Best Practices and Resources


The COVID-19 pandemic has McMaster University students adapting to a virtual learning environment. Beyond having classes online, the pandemic has created unprecedented changes in everyone’s lifestyle. The Student Wellness Centre is committed to keeping students informed to ensure the health and safety of our community. We hope this article helps you understand COVID-19, learn about […]

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Why you need a Flu Shot during the COVID-19 pandemic

The prevalence of COVID-19 in our communities makes it imperative that you get a flu shot this year. We hope this article will clarify how vaccines work, how the flu vaccine relates to COVID-19, and why it’s absolutely necessary that you get your flu shot this year.   How do vaccines work?  Individuals  Vaccines train your immune system to recognize […]

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Caring for Constipation

Talking about poop may be awkward, but today we are going to do it.   Everybody poops. Surprisingly, due to the hectic lifestyle of many university students, having infrequent bowel movements (BMs) is actually very common.  Substituting junk food for meals, not drinking enough water, sitting at your computer all day, or being overly stressed can […]

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