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What First Year University Made Me Realize


My name is Jessica Monaghan and I am a student in an undergraduate science program at McMaster. First year university for many is a challenging adjustment period, and it was no different for me. Many times, it felt as though things would just keep getting worse no matter what I tried. I felt like there […]

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Vaccinations 101


Why Vaccinate? Vaccinations are an important safety measure to protect yourself from diseases and its spread. Keeping up-to-date with your vaccinations not only protects yourself, but protects your community from contracting diseases. The more each person takes the initiative to get vaccinated the closer we are to reducing outbreaks of diseases. Vaccinations for University Students […]

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Harm Reduction & Us


What is Harm Reduction Harm reduction does not enforce the abstinence of drugs, rather it takes a pragmatic approach to drug use by recognizing socio-ecological influences. There is not one single perspective to harm reduction, rather principles of harm reduction focus on the well-being of communities. The prioritization of harm reduction is to keep people […]

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Homesickness ≠ Missing Home


You settle into your university dorm room. The excitement of breaking out of your old, programmed life begins to sink in. Shortly after, you’re bombarded with new tasks, people, and stressors. You lose your ‘normal,’ and you begin to feel homesick. The main reason people experience homesickness is not that they’re alone or miss “home.” […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cycling

Cycling guide

As you continue to navigate your way through the ups and downs of university life, taking steps towards living an active life becomes increasingly important. Active living doesn’t just mean going to the gym regularly, it means finding ways to incorporate physical activity into your everyday routine and includes a number of activities, such as […]

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Is Mac Well? – NCHA 2019 Survey Results


The National College Health Assessment (NCHA) was completed by a randomized sample of McMaster students, to gain a snapshot of the student population health status. From 1087 respondents, information about health behaviours, health indicators and student experience, were collected. The findings will be used to better understand the needs of the student population, to inform […]

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