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Healthy Masculinity – A Reflection


McMaster University offers a course named Health Studies 3BB3, it was through this course we had the opportunity to work with the Student Wellness Centre’s Education Team. Specifically, we focused on healthy masculinity and the need for a men’s wellness group at McMaster. Masculinity is a multi-dimensional intersectional determinant that interacts with the social determinants […]

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Did You Know… McMaster Wellness Edition


The National College Health Assessment (NCHA) survey will be sent out to a randomized sample of McMaster students on January 24th. It includes questions on a wide range of topics, including alcohol use, sexual health, and mental health. The data collected from the survey helps to identify the wellness needs of the student population, as […]

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Nature’s Best

Nature's Best

Your university life may be afflicted with constant bouts of exhaustion, poor sleep, anxiety and stress. You brush these off, deeming them as inevitable and temporary side-effects of your busy lifestyle. As the semester carries on, you notice the effects becoming more prominent and settling deeper by the day. A health-care professional may not seem […]

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Binge Eating Disorders: The Pervasiveness of Eating Disorders Among University Students


The transition from highschool to university can be very difficult and in some cases affect one’s eating habits. University students are alarmingly vulnerable to eating disorders, many of which are prone to a binge eating disorder (BED). BEDs are characterized as a life-threatening eating disorder of compulsively eating a high intake of calories or abnormal […]

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