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Mindful Eating on Campus: A Perspective on Balance

Photo of a glass head on a blue background. The head's "brain" is made up of different foods.

Being mindful is usually associated with meditation and wellbeing, but recent advances in the areas of mindfulness have applied it to other aspects of life, such as physical health. Did you know that applying mindfulness techniques to diet and exercise can better your physical health? According to Registered Dietitian Liana Bontempo from McMaster’s Hospitality Services, mindful eating […]

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Cannabis and You

Male casually smoking a joint

With the advent of cannabis being legalized, there are bound to be new users. Unlike alcohol, there are no widely circulated guidelines for students to follow. For most users, safe usage is defined by those who introduce them to the substance. Unfortunately, those passing on their knowledge may also pass on their misconceptions. If you […]

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Resilience: A Work in Progress

hand tending to many seedlings

As we move through life we will be met with challenges in various forms, and we may experience some of these challenges while in university. The ability to overcome challenges and thrive during difficult times is called resilience. Personal characteristics such as hope, optimism, self-compassion, the ability to problem solve, and the ability to build […]

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Mental Health Help: What are Your Options?

Pathways to care logo

Despite having the highest prevalence of mental illness, people aged 16-24 are cited as being reluctant to seek help. For some, this stems from the desire to be self-reliant; others are concerned about inconvenience or don’t know where to go (Gulliver et al., 2010). Even without a mental illness, the university experience can be a stressful one. Between […]

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