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Mother Nature to the Rescue: The Impact of Nature on Health and Well-Being

Image of a waterfall

For some, they thrive under the busy and fast-paced atmosphere of the city. But for others, it’s the small town-feel that allows them to flourish. In whichever setting you prefer, it is important to recognize the impact of nature on health. Even though Hamilton is considered a relatively urban community, it still has many green […]

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Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Goes Too Far

A beige bowl and a stainless steel fork rest on a bamboo mat. In the bowl, there are olives, slices of red onion, and large pieces of chopped tomato.

For many young adults, the inspiration to eat healthier begins online. Health gurus on Instagram, YouTube, and personal blogs post beautiful pictures of food and detail the transformational effects of their diets on their health and happiness. For many, this is a helpful way to learn how to make healthy lifestyle modifications but for some, […]

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Tune in: We’re Going Unplugged!

Graphic with a grey background that reads "SWELL Unplugged" on the left. On the right, there is a red octopus holding a laptop, phone, and tablet, all with brightly lit screens.

It’s Friday night and you have successfully made it through another busy week of textbook readings, midterms and assignments. You’re excited to finally have a night out. Surrounded by good music and your close friends, you pull out your phone to capture some moments of your night. Amidst all the selfie-taking, the attention of the […]

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