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What You Need to Know About STIs

A colourful assortment of male condoms.

Safer Sex Safer Sex means knowing what you are comfortable with, communicating with sexual partners, learning about and choosing options that can protect you from contracting or spreading STIs and getting tested. The following information will provide you with a general introduction and address some common questions regarding STIs, protection options and getting tested. What […]

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Smoking Cessation: Leave the Pack Behind

On a black background, a cigarette is being held between the first and middle fingers. A puff of smoke is visible in the top right corner.

“I only smoke at parties or when hanging out with friends” “I only smoke on the weekends” “I don’t smoke, I only do hookah because it’s healthier” Do any of the above sound familiar? Did you know that many young adults who are smokers initially started off as identifying themselves as “social smokers”. Social smokers […]

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Ways to Wellness: Find Your Way

Ways to Wellness

Fall 2017 brings a new school year with the renewal of concerns about stress among students. From navigating classes to keeping up with your social life, things can easily get overwhelming. Whether you’re in your first or final year, mental wellness is important but can be difficult to prioritize. Everyone’s experience of mental health is […]

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