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The Student Wellness Centre is excited to offer McMaster staff and students an opportunity to strengthen their mind, body and soul through beginner yoga for the home and office, as well as relaxing meditation. These practice videos are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check them out today - just click, relax and enjoy!


Yoga For Beginners

Description: This beginner hatha yoga video will take you through a series of standing yoga posture sequences, aiding in developing a strong understanding of the fundamentals and details of each yoga posture. This beginner yoga class will help develop greater strength, balance, focus, and stamina, as well as flexiblity. An excellent introduction to basic yoga poses (asanas). 
Time: 37 Min

What is Yoga? Link

Health Benefits of Yoga Link

How to Start your Yoga Practice Link


Meditation on Emotions 

Description: In this mindfulness session you will learn how to watch the rising and falling away of emotions, feelings, and thoughts that lead to these states of mind and heart. The practice is one of allowing all states to arise and leave, without getting caught up in them, pushing them away or reacting to them. 
Time: 15 Min

What is Meditation? Link

Health Benefits of Meditation Link

How to Start your Meditation Practice Link


Morning Inspiration Yoga 

Description: Start your day with a few minutes of focused breathing and stretches to open your body and awaken your mind. Gentle but effective movements shake off tiredness and increase the flow of energy through the spine and central nervous system. Feel alert and calm at the same time, with this AM practice. 
Time: 7 Min

Benefits of Yoga at Work: Link

About My Yoga Online

My Yoga Online is a global resource for mind-body health and wellness and holistic living. They offer hundreds of yoga, Pilates, and meditation videos and expert information on workplace wellness, green living, expert health advice, a Q&A forum with professionals, and more. In addition to their online resource, My Yoga Online provides health and wellness content and distribution to major airlines, universities, and media providers.
My Yoga Online

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